Workforce Solutions Code of Conduct

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innovation, productivity, accountability and results in all that we do. We recognize our responsibility as part of the public workforce system to ensure the integrity of public funds and to avoid favoritism and questionable or improper conduct. We carry out all aspects of our business in an impartial manner, free from efforts to gain personal, financial or political benefit. We avoid situations that could give the appearance that any decision is influenced by prejudice, bias, special interest or desire for personal gain. We also strive to deliver the highest quality service to our customers, helping area employers solve their workforce problems and our area residents build careers so that both can compete in the global economy.

I understand that as Workforce Solutions staff, I must:

▪ Disclose to my manager my intent to apply for Workforce Solutions Financial Aid and that I may not apply at the location where I work.

▪ Not authorize, disburse or deliver financial aid, subcontracts or any other service of substantive value to a relative of any degree, personal or family friends or individuals with whom I have a business relationship.

▪ Disclose to my manager any outside employment and/or business relationships with any customer, supplier or vendor.

▪ Not make decisions about or authorize the hiring of family members or directly or indirectly supervise them. This requirement also extends to any individual with whom I have a business relationship.
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